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Blessings comes this way too!

Labi Francis - January 17, 2018

Every year, for the past four years, I always read the book of Daniel in January. Maybe because my favorite scripture is there or that…

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2018: ‘Caroline’ save your drama!

Labi Francis - January 8, 2018

Did you have a bad experience in 2017? Everyone did, you’re not alone. In this new year, you should avoid ‘Caroline’ . Who is ‘Caroline’…

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Road Trip To Togo: The Good, The Bad and The Best

Labi Francis - December 15, 2017

We (a group of students and sports officials) had a road trip to Togo – a small country on the west of Nigeria sharing borders…

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Search Engine Optimization: Making Your Website Highly Ranked

Labi Francis - November 15, 2017

The process of making your website appear in Google search results is known as Search Engine Optimization, on the first pages.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is…

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Why you need a personal website

Labi Francis - September 18, 2017

Personal website? Having a personal website for yourself, your services or company is the new resume/portfolio and also a subtle requirement for people to trust…

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Three Dikgosi Monument: A significant tourist attraction in Botswana

Labi Francis - August 29, 2017

The three dikgosi monument is a significant tourist attraction in Botswana; it is a massive structure in the heart of Gaborone (Capital of Bostwana). Prior…

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Flight to Kenya: The incredible experience!

Labi Francis - August 12, 2017

The flight to Nairobi (Kenya), was an awesome experience. The customer service rendered by the air hostesses was incredible. By the way, it was KenyaAirways.…

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The gift of a leather jacket

Labi Francis - August 4, 2017

Recently, I have always wanted to have a  leather jacket because I loved the way it looked on others. I thought, it will also look…

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Do Doctors/Medical Practitioners need training on communication?

Labi Francis - August 2, 2017

Few weeks ago, I traveled to a city in Nigeria to visit a friend who just completed medical school successfully. I will call him John…

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HR Managers Should Learn This From Automattic’s Hiring Team

Labi Francis - July 11, 2017

I once attended a content management systems (CMS) summit in Abuja Nigeria. I met some amazing people (Job Thomas and Marjorie Asturias) who worked for…

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