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Say “NO” to fighting: Kigali Genocide Memorial, My Experience.

Labi Francis - February 20, 2018

My trip to Kigali, Rwanda wouldn’t have been complete without paying a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. This place has the remains from the…

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Three Dikgosi Monument: A significant tourist attraction in Botswana

Labi Francis - August 29, 2017

The three dikgosi monument is a significant tourist attraction in Botswana; it is a massive structure in the heart of Gaborone (Capital of Bostwana). Prior…

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Flight to Kenya: The incredible experience!

Labi Francis - August 12, 2017

The flight to Nairobi (Kenya), was an awesome experience. The customer service rendered by the air hostesses was incredible. By the way, it was KenyaAirways.…

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A Beautiful Sight In Johannesburg

Labi Francis - June 15, 2017

I was filled with so much excitement when I got a phone call that I will be going for a workshop in Johannesburg. I got…

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Ten Amazing Facts About Rwanda: My Experience

Labi Francis - June 5, 2017

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