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Be Nice!

Labi Francis - September 19, 2018

The first rule is to be nice! This should be our attitude when relating with others and not just customers alone. The only difference between¬†…

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What’s your excuse? It’s your choice.

Labi Francis - July 17, 2018

What do you do when you’re faced with a difficult challenge as a manager or staff? How do you create an energized working environment where…

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Speaking at WordCamp Lagos 2018

Labi Francis - March 31, 2018

I was thrilled to know that I will be speaking at the first ever WordCamp in Nigeria at Civic Center Victoria Island, Lagos. My talk…

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Say “NO” to fighting: Kigali Genocide Memorial, My Experience.

Labi Francis - February 20, 2018

My trip to Kigali, Rwanda wouldn’t have been complete without paying a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center. This place has the remains from the…

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Road Trip To Togo: The Good, The Bad and The Best

Labi Francis - December 15, 2017

We (a group of students and sports officials) had a road trip to Togo – a small country on the west of Nigeria sharing borders…

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Flight to Kenya: The incredible experience!

Labi Francis - August 12, 2017

The flight to Nairobi (Kenya), was an awesome experience. The customer service rendered by the air hostesses was incredible. By the way, it was KenyaAirways.…

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Do Doctors/Medical Practitioners need training on communication?

Labi Francis - August 2, 2017

Few weeks ago, I traveled to a city in Nigeria to visit a friend who just completed medical school successfully. I will call him John…

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What is the Future of Education in Nigeria?

Labi Francis - June 27, 2017

I just finished a discussion with my next door neighbor on education and some issues facing Nigeria. Straight to the point, the education system in…

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Dealing with Debts

Labi Francis - June 20, 2017

Being in debts, is a situation everyone once found him/herself. When the deadline to pay your debts gets closer, your heartbeat increases and you become…

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Why some people always win!!!

Labi Francis - June 15, 2017

Just because someone in authority told you that you will experience a difficulty when you get to a particular stage in life doesn’t mean it…

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